Windows 10 now. What can we do?

Windows 7 is better than Windows 10. See for yourself. Why click everything twice?

This web page started out as a comparison but then I changed it to include optional settings etc... to help us live with Windows 10 if we liked Windows 7 better.

There are choices facing us now which to some like me do not include just updating to Windows 10. You can use Windows 7 still and have a anti virus program and make sure you have a Windows back up. You can make a virtual machine but even that should have AV if going online. You can make Windows 10 look more like Windows 7.

You have to close the lockscreen to get to the login screen. Does Microsoft give you a option in their settings for you to disable this feature. NO. Who cares what you want?

(Actually they do-
but my console wouldn't load the snap on which is another fix to deal which I couldn't fix.) So I used the below method.

If you don't want a Windows 10 Lockscreen-
Do these two pages. You can just type regedit in searchbox to get to it and copy paste their words.
Now I have no lockscreen and a blue login screen to type my password.

I suppose the Windows 10 menu, on the right, is likable to the new generation with its place for frequently used items
and also apps like "Weather" "News" etc... As you can see I really do not care for the Apps.

Windows 7 Libraries. How can you not love that? Windows 10 cares more about showing you your Recents
You must click "This PC" which shows your Libraries and Drives. (There is a setting to change this discussed below.)

In Windows 7, after clicking on "Computer," a quick glance tells you how much space is in each drive and how much space is used up or free in each drive.

In Windows 10, after clicking on "This PC" you get what used to be called your "Libraries" and you get icons of your drives and devices.
To see the size and available free space that is in them you must mouse over each one.

I looked at my other computer running Windows 10 and got a view showing space size and free space of drives so I had to figure out what to do.
You need to bring down the ribbon on the window top and choose View/Options/ Folder Options/ View and click the top right button "Reset Folders."

To open Windows Explorer to "This PC" instead of the default which is "Quick Access/ Recents" you need to (on the ribbon)
choose View/Options/ Folder Options/ and pull down the drop list where it says "Quick Access" to choose instead "This PC."
This is shown in the embeded Youtube video further down the page that I made.

In Windows 7, it takes one click to play a song in your music folder, or one click to play all (of the album or selected).

In Windows 10, it takes two clicks to play a song in your music folder, or two clicks to play all (of the album or selected).
I find the new best choice for me (in Windows 10) is to open the Windows Media Player and you can pick songs or albums and then play them.

In Windows 10, and you all knew it by now, it takes two clicks to shut down the computer when Windows 7 takes one.

Some computers might show "3D Objects" or "OneDrive" which you might want removed but find you cannot. There are websites that tell you how but it has to be done in the registry.

The above screen capture is of one of my computers and I removed "3D Objects" and "OneDrive" by following the instructions on this webpage-

Making your Windows 10 computer look like Windows 7-

This video shows a program which gave me a Windows 7 like Start Menu which you may or may not care to have. You can also right click "Start" and get a no frills one with things like "Control Panel," etc... It also shows how to get the Windows Explorer to be more like how it was in Windows 7.

Here are the webpages mentioned in the video-

I did not download the "OldNew Explorer" and I also virus scanned the download of Classic Shell and virus scanned again after installation.

Watch the video-

Screen shots of Aero and Metro skins for Classic Shell's Start Menu

Are you still going to run Windows 7?

I am. As you know as of January 14, 2020 there will be no more Microsoft support in the form of security updates so you definately want to have a antivirus program on a PC that you use to connect to the internet as well as set up Windows Back Up and Restore to a separate hard drive.

This page is the personal feelings of Dennis Weaver. I know I favored each Windows operating system over its succeeding one in the beginnings but I feel there are some real issues this time. Shoot remember Windows 8? I can actually be right you know. If you like Windows 10 better than Windows 7 that is fine. I hope this webpage perhaps showed you a setting or two you might not have known about.